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Q. I just want to pay my ticket. Do I have to go to court?

A. If your ticket requires a court appearance because you were charged with a misdemeanor, you must appear in court at the time and date shown at the bottom of your ticket. Failing to appear may result in the suspension of your driving privileges or the issuance of a warrant for your arrest. The Cheyenne County Attorney’s office cannot change your court date. You may request a continuance of your court date by contacting the Clerk at 785-332-8850. If you merely received a ticket for a traffic infraction, you may avoid coming to court by paying the ticket in full before your court date.

Q. How do I pay my ticket?
A. You may mail your payment by money order or check payable to the “Clerk of the District Court” at the address shown on the back of your ticket. You may also pay in person at the Clerk of the District Court. You may also pay online at

Q. What happens at my court appearance?
A. You will have the opportunity to speak with the prosecutor and the judge about your case. You will need to plead “not guilty”, “guilty”, or “no contest” to the charges against you. This is not a trial setting; if you want a trial, the court will schedule one. There are usually many people appearing so please be prepared to wait.

Q. How do I contest my ticket?
A. The court date listed on your ticket is a first appearance date, not a trial date. At that court appearance you may ask for a trial date.

Q. Does the Cheyenne County Attorney have a diversion program for traffic citations?
A. The Cheyenne County Attorney’s office does not have a diversionprogram for traffic infractions. We do, however offer a program where a traffic infraction may be amended to a non-moving violation. For more information, please refer to the Cheyenne County Attorney’s Amendment Program for Traffic Infractions

Q. What can I do if I received a ticket for no proof of insurance, expiredtags, or no driver’s license in my possession, and I can now show proof of current insurance, registration, or driver’s license?
A. If you can show proof of current insurance, registration, or driver’slicense, then the County Attorney’s office may dismiss the charge. You may bring the necessary proof to your court date. You may also email this information to or fax it to (888)511-7049. You are required to appear for court on these citations, unless the County Attorney’s Office clearly informs you otherwise. Given the nature of your ticket, you may be required to pay court costs even after the dismissal.


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