Cheyenne County



Safe Routes to School
$200,000 from KDOT + $50,000 from Century II to make physical infrastructure improvements to sidewalks and crosswalks for child safety when walking or biking to school.
Land & Sky Scenic Byway Promotion
$5,983 from Dane G. Hansen Foundation to fund an informational kiosk at the Roadside Park, and design a publish a website plus brochures.
Primary Community Care Grant
$121,450 from the Kansas Depart. of Health and Environment to assist with clinic personnel expenses to recruit and retain health providers, and provide prescription assistance to underserved patients.
Fairground Restrooms
$14,378 from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation + $4,378 from the County Fair Board to build a handicap accessible restroom.
Community Tornado Shelter
$83,475 from FEMA + $27,834 matching funds from Cheyenne County, and the St. Francis and Century II Foundations to build a community safe room / tornado shelter in Bird City and St. Francis.
Public Transportation
$69,554 from KDOT + $17,453 from the County General Fund + $10,700 from the St. Francis Operating Budget to purchase a Ford Transit 12-passenger van with ADA compliant lift, and operate public transportation for the entire county.
Keller's Pond Trail Expansion Project
$14,642 from the Sunflower Foundation + $40,000 from the St. Francis Community Foundation and Bill Keller Family + $25,000 from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation + $5,000 from the St. Francis Capital improvement fund to create an ADA complaint 6 ft walking trail around Keller's Pond.
Community Paramedicine Grant
$219,557 for a 3 year project adding two additional full-time staff to EMS to: take 100% of ground transports offered, and collaborate with the hospital/clinic for in-home chronic care management.
EKG Monitor Onboard an Ambulance
$15,664 from Kansas Board of EMS + $5,221 from Cheyenne County Ambulance Equipment Reserves Fund to purchase an EKG Monitor capable of wirelessly transmitting results to the local hospital.
Community Fitness Center
$17,300 for a new 24/7 accessible fitness center in St. Francis. Items include: a security system, cardio equipment, strength training equipment, floor mats, water cooler, TV and sound equipment, signage and bench.
Rescue ATV
$16,834 by the Kansas Homeland Security Grant Program to purchase a John Deer Gator fro use by emergency rescue staff members.


The Dane G. Hansen Foundation has offered up to $20,000 in grant funding to each of the 26 counties in the territories they serve throughout Northwest Kansas; Cheyenne County being one of those 26.  This grant funding is focused specifically on clean-up projects for the communities within and county-wide. The Hansen Foundation announced this clean-up initiative in the Fall of 2016 which has a tentative deadline date of June 1st for utilizing the available grant funding.


The Kansas Department of Transportation approved funding for Cheyenne County to start up a Public Transportation service!  The state is paying for 80% of the cost for a full size van with Wheelchair lift and up to 70% of operating costs.  The Cheyenne County Board of Commission and the City of St. Francis have agreed to fund the local match for the start up year and we hope for future years.  Bird City Century II Development Foundation via the Bird City Aging Services has agreed to provide funding in Year 2 of operations. Thanks to all who participated in the Transportation Survey.