Cheyenne County


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2017 Resolutions

17-04 Burn Ban, Feb. 28, 2017
17-05 Disaster Declaration (Wheeler area fire)

2016 Resolutions

16-13 Local Food System Advisory Council
16-14 Authorizing Tax Sale
16-15 Property Tax Policy for FY2017
16-16 Disaster Declaration for Sept. 3 2016 Flooding
16-17 Personal Protective Equipment Plan
16-18 Bloodborne Pathogens Policy and Procedure
16-19 Courthouse Emergency Plan
16-20 Hazard Communication Program
16-21 Lock-out Tagout Plan
16-22 Respiratory Protection Program
16-23 Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Policy
16-24 Limited English Proficiency Plan
16-25 Title VI Complaint Procedure
16-26 Public Transportation Driver Information Handbook
16-27 Public Transportation Rider Information Handbook
16-28 Multi-Year Capital Improvement Fund Creation
16-29 Multi-Year Capital Improvement Fund Transfer
16-30 Oil and Gas Depletion Fund Transfer
16-31 Home for the Aged Transfer
16-32 Home for the Aged Bond Fund Created
16-33 Road and Bridge Special Machinery Fund Transfer
16-34 Road and Bridge Special Road Improvement Fund Transfer
16-35 Ambulance Capital Outlay Transfer
16-36 Rural Fire Capital Outlay Transfer
16-37 Community Safe Room Matching Funds Transfer
16-38 Home for the Aged Capital Improvement Transfer
16-39 Multiyear Capital Improvement Fund Transfer
16-40 Ambulance Matching Funds Transfer